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Trilogy Motherland Mist

Trilogy Motherland Mist


Explore the olfactory experiences of La cera flamma luxury sprays collection and let the journey begin with exclusive scents and delightful aromas.

Blended from the finest aromatics our ‘’MOTHERLAND’’  collection scents, draws inspiration from the natural world and the enchanting aromas of Cyprus.

  • Instructions and Safety

    • Shake well every time before use
    • Spray 1 or 2 sprays directly into the air away from eyes and face
    • It is always advisable to do a patch test on fabrics before spraying directly
    • Avoid direct contact with furniture and open flames and do not ingest
    • Do not spray directly onto any naked flames or heat sources
    • Keep away from children and pet
    • If product gets in eyes rinse cautiously with water
    • Do not drink
  • Information

    Scent throw

    Strong&Long lasting



    Specially formulated with certified skin safe aroma oils and highest quality products

    Unique method

    Handmade and hand poured in Cyprus


    Room, linen, clothes and car mist no oil stain

  • Ingredients

    Top Notes :Athasi–Bitter Almond

    Heart Notes:Siko–Fig ,Arkovkioletta–Sweet Violet

    Base Notes:Glytzia Pournella–Sweet Plum



    Top Notes:Vasilitzia–Basil ,Bergamonto–Bergamot

    Heart Notes:Paschalia–Lilac,Kiouli–Pelargonium Graveolens

    Base Notes:Moura Aoratou–Juniper Berries



    Top Notes:Pournella–Plum

    Heart Notes:Arkotriantafillia–Wild Rose,Artisia–Cumin,Kiouli-Pelargonium Graveolens

    Base Notes:Xistarka–Labdanum Patchouli



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