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Let me tell you a story…


Our inspiration...the depths of time. Our motivating force...the present leading to a reinvigorated future, deeply rooted in a 4000-year long history. And the journey began...Triggered by the discovery of the ancient Perfumery of Cyprus, one of the oldest perfumeries of the eastern Mediterranean, we wandered through the captivating scents of Mother Earth... so we created Motherland. We evoked the past with the use of the so called “mythical” method, which constitutes a survival guide, for us at Motherland, in today’s world. Thus, after arduous two-year long efforts, we brought myth and history to the present, in a manner that enables us to successfully communicate with the recipients of our art, and therefore bring order to the disorder that the fragmentary aspect of modernity bestows upon it. Hence, through this titanic struggle, we achieved time coherence – we achieved the scent of Mother Earth.

All of our candles come from nature, and, when they are returned to it, they reconstruct and enrich it. They are not merely friendly to the environment, they are its amalgam, achieved through human intervention...our own hands.

When coconut wax and vegetable oil met, the combination gave us a creamy outcome embracing the environment. This genuine embrace is 100% kosher certified.

We have brought the past to the present, we have achieved coherence, but in a manner that embraces the modern. We used one of our hands to instil the scents of the past, and the other one to instil the needs of today so as to achieve timeless outcomes. We dared a journey through the island....we were captivated by its complexity. In order to achieve this mixture of melodic scents, we used the bushy gum rockrose, the evergreen and fruity bergamot, the thorny wild-rose, the defending bitter-almond, the heavily-scented rose geranium, the long-living juniper, the herb of happiness – otherwise known as sweet basil, the fragrant lilac, the flowering viola plant, the luscious fig and the provocative patchouli. This divine wealth could only be verbalized through divine expressions. For this reason we dared borrow three words from the Cypriot dialect: Mouskos, Oroman and Namin.


The wooden wick used for our candles serves as the starting point of a dreamlike voyage of the senses: it creates a distinctive and relaxing sound, while creating a gentle warmth. 

And hence fuel is immersed in liquid form, scent takes form, and enjoyment comes within reach.


The bee’s flight is what disseminates life. It is a flight leading to renewal and rebirth. As the most important pollinator in the natural world, the bee is responsible for the diversity of our surroundings. Humans on the other hand are responsible for the death of millions of bees, which could lead humankind to extinction. Us, children of Mother Earth, made sure to use our means of personal satisfaction to give back to the environment and, by planting a little piece of paper, contribute to the global efforts for the renewal of life.


Having taken your journey through the time and space of Mother Earth, use the container to become the creators! Plant the paper that we have impregnated with seeds and watch a new plant come to life. Be part of the efforts to save the bee and the rest of the kingdom. 


And there’s more...For you, the history and nature-lover, we have prepared a little booklet –as a prelude to the pleasures ahead – with important info regarding the history of perfume-making but also the journey that all these plants have taken before reaching the soil of Mother Earth. What is more, for word-lovers, we provide the definitions of various phrases and words in the Cypriot vernacular. Finally, we did not forget to include some info for those of you wishing to offer something precious  to your loved ones, by writing to them wishes drawn from the depths of your conscious and unconscious world.


And that is not all...the wooden box in which the nature and history of Mother Earth is placed, points to the circular course of the product’s life, which leads to continuous sustainability. This box was made to live but also to preserve the life it is surrounded by, while being at the same time as useful and as elegant as each one of us would demand.  

 At the same time, collector’s tote bags of Mother Earth stress the need for a SINGLE, reusable, durable and stylish product for everyday use.


When we, here at La Cera Flamma, reached down to earth for the collection of the unique scents of Mother Earth, we did care about what we would leave behind...keeping our practice sustainable was our main concern. We dared adopt for a bit the role of the bee, and, as other pollinators, we undertook the work of renewal and rebirth...


 Let the journey begin with a scent of Cyprus and enjoy it with awareness.

 Give back to Mother Earth what belongs to her and which she generously offers to you.



Motherland - The idea...
Motherland - The process
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