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La Cera Flamma is a soy candle making family company based in Cyprus est 2013.


Our collection is about wonderfully rich products that create a welcoming and elegant ambiance for your place. Our fragrances are expertly blended with the highest quality ingredients to create these unique scents.

Every single candle made by hand  from beginning to end with 100% soy-wax in order to optimally diffuse each of the scents to their highest olfactory potential. It is  that perfect balance soy wax, wick and fragrance that La Cera Flamma Candles are known for.

Lighting a La Cera Flamma candle will imbue your place with a soft radiant glow to comfort the soul while enlivening the senses.

Each product is brought to you in superb packaging, making an ideal gift to give and receive.


Knowledgeable of our craft, we aim to share our illuminating experiences of candle-making through scent, touch and sight. Instilling memories-both old and new, La Cera Flamma is an inspiration destination.

Our candles are the natural alternative to paraffin. They are Kosher certified 100% vegetable non-toxic soy wax which allow them to burn evenly all the way to the very bottom, leaving almost no excess wax on the sides of the jar, giving you twice the candle, and cleaner air for you and your family.


They are handmade and hand poured, scented with premium grade fragrance oils phthalate –free specially designed for candles IFRA certified, available in great variety.


We also use wooden wick or 100% natural cotton wicks for clean burning without metal threads or zinc.

Presented in luxurious glass containers which evenly distributes light around the room and diffuse the aroma from top to the bottom.


All of our materials are recyclable and eco-friendly that’s why is an ideal choice for green candles.

We invite you to be curious and experience the creativity and craftsmanship behind La Cera Flamma.


Welcome to soy candle world and delight the secrets of nature....



An ideal gift to give and receive... Natural handmade scented soy candles

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