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Motherland Jar Recycling

Motherland jar recycling 

Once upon a time...


When we were developing the Motherland of Cyprus range we were not only thinking of the products life as a candle, but also its “afterlife“.


We have consciously designed a beautiful package to encourage you to reuse and recycle.


Our new candle collection is available  with a seeded paper  to repurpose your elegant vessel once the candle has completed its journey.


The world should receive beautiful thinks not have them taken away... What better gift could there “Bee”?


Our  Motherland of Cyprus collection candles is available with a layer of protective seeded dust cover paper with an eco-twist.


Each cover made and cut by hand, exclusively by La Cera Flamma in Cyprus, from 100% recycled paper, embedded with non–GMO, pollinator–friendly seeds.


When the paper is planted the paper biodegrades while the seed grow, leaving no waste.


Once the candle has completed its journey, simply follow the instructions and plant the paper preferably during spring months, in fresh soil to repurpose your vessel as a plant pot creating a new scent experience by helping to the natural habitat of bees.


Plant it, don’ t throw it and it will grow a mesmerizing plant of Cyprus.

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