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Preserved Hydrangea

Preserved Hydrangea


 One white  preserved hydragea head with shape and softness of a real head  that sits perfectly in its own elegant  glass vase.

Our preserved hydrageas have been treated with an absorption stabilisation technique to optain the best results , guarantee the suppleness of the petals and have been preserved to last several months with very little maintenance required.

All of our products are handcrafted ensuring the utmost attention to treat the people you love with the perfect gift.

  • Caring for your preserved Hydrangea

    • Do not water the hydrangea.
    • Avoid exposing the hydrangea to direct sunlight.
    • Display in a room-temperature environment.
    • Recommended temperature:18°- 22° C
    • Remove dust gently with a duster as needed.
    • Do not place anything on top of the hydrangea.
    • Do not remove the hydrangea from the vase
    • Limit touching
  • Additional Information

    • Number of hydrangea: 1
    • Hydrangea diameter:20-25cm 
    •  Glass jar 14x13cm

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